Imagine a Matrix client...

Where you can enjoy the conversation using simple, elegant and secure interface protected by e2ee with the power of open source.

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Preview from chrome (desktop)


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You will have a pleasant experience because the overall look of Cinny is built using commonly used design patterns with micro enhancement.

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Navigation is easy now because we organized DMs separate from channels.

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No more clutter

You will see what's necessary to give you a better visual feedback.

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Input that matters

An interface which adapts to your actions without making you feel uncomfortable.

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Calm visual

Everything is properly aligned and formatted to give you a calm feeling.

Lot more to come

We are constantly working on Cinny to make it a better place. A place for communication like never seen before.

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Cinny ❤ open source

Cinny[1] is built on top of Matrix — An open network for secure, decentralized communication. We have also made the source code of Cinny open to everyone, so you can enhance, modify and inspect it.